Tuesday, August 12, 2008

நிர்மல் கடிதம்

Dear Dr.M.Kumaresan
Mr Mohan will come & meet you for creation of web site for ExNoRa Voice Against Noise. & Google Group. It will cost very little . Some one can be found to sponsor. The message wil reach millions . I am forwarding an article on Voice Against Noise , which is quite sketchy . You can prepare a simple message We need to take the message against Noise to the nook & corner . Best wishes

I know your concern for Environment
Please join our fight against Global Warming.
Become ExNoRa Environmentalist instantly through www.99999.co.in
Start HEY immediately, that is converting your HOME, an enviro paradise, well tune with ExNoRa's the Earth saving MANTRA "Cool the Globe Action begins with me in my HOME continues in my TRAVEL and culminates in my INSTITUTION" . See www.homeexnora.org and practise
Know from www.99999.co.in about the "99999" journey
We should make the whole world to
switch off LIGHTS for '9' minutes at '9' pm on the '9'th day of the '9'th month (September) of the '9'th year (2009).
Forward this message to your peers, now at this moment, as your first the Earth Saving ACTION Show your support!


Noise_Pollution_Prevention.doc [~36K]

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