Saturday, September 20, 2008

free registration for voice complete examination

VOICE CARE INDIA.[a unit of medical advance research foundation, 80G exempted)
Siva E.N.T, Head & Neck Hospital, 159, Lloyds Road, Royapettah,Chennai – 14.
Cell :- 98410 55774.
Name :- Residential Address:-
Qualification :-
Profession :-
Organizations Name :-

Field of activity,
Hours of using voice Professionally / Personally per day

Tel :- Fax :-
Mobile :- E-mail :-
Do you have
Yes No
1. Hoarseness :-
2. Vocal Fatigue :-
3. Inability to speak/sing loudly :-
4. Throat Pain :-
5. Cough :-
6. Increased Throat Phlegm :-
7. Throat Clear :-
8. Are you having/ had voice problem :-
I am willing / not willing / to have a total care of voice, health educational training.
1. Voice Care India involves in the total health care of the voice & Voice maintanance education.
2. Voice care India is a non – profit making body.
3. To provide and arrange facilities for intensive & extensive studies & research for future development of voice. To guide the professional voice users regarding the latest development in phoniatrics.
4. Voice care India will receive donations, grants, funds & other financial or moral assistance to achieve the main objective.
The VOICE CARE will be managed by a team consisting of.,
1.ENT Surgeon, 2. Siddha Maruthuva Gurukulam, 3. Speech Therapist, 4. Occupational Therapist, 5. Physiotherapist, 6. Yoga & Meditation trainers, 7. Psychologist.
1. E Merck Indian National award winner.
2. Science Popularization award 2001-2002. Tamil Nadu Government.
3. Research works of us is taken as a subject for M.Phil Course in the University of Madras.
Member; Dissertation committee for M.Sc Nursing Course, M.G.R. Medical University.
4. Members of International Association of Logopedic & Phoniatrics.
5. President, Voice against Noise, Association.
6. Recipient, N.S.T.L Visakapattinam 2008 Gold Medal award.
7. President; PaediatricENTAssociation,India

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