Wednesday, September 10, 2008

request for free voice care Work Shop-any one can contact Dr.M.Kumaresan

Request for free voice care Work Shop-any one can contact Dr.M.Kumaresan


Dear Sir/ madam,

You are aware of the importance of voice & speech for teachers, as they continuously use their voice, they never know the abuse of their vocal system until a problem or interruption in their voice occurs. We are professionals in the voice therapy. We are happy to organize a work shop on voice therapy, in which diagnosis awareness and guidance for maintaining a good fluent and healthy voice is offered.

This is a rare opportunity to meet the pioneers and specialists and get their valuable advice to maintain a good voice, as voice is very important to all teachers.

In this regard we are happy to inform you regarding our activities. We have conducted speech therapy workshop and seminars in many reputed educational institution, such as Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Center- Birla Planetarium, Hindu Hr. Sec. School. J.B.A.S Hr. Sec. School, M.P. Anand Matriculation School, Ashok Leyland and many more. We have enclosed details of our therapy and project for your kind perusal.

Thanking You

(Dr. M. Kumaresan)

(CC: Mr. Vijay Thiruvengadam, FM Radio)

We like to associate ourselves with M.O.P Vaishnava College for Women for Conducting :

1. Voice Care Workshop for Teachers - Special Exercises for Maintenance of Voice and Improvement.

2. Awareness Program for Viscom Students on Voice Care.

3. Awareness Program on Voice Care for the Public at Badrikarai & Alayamman Koil

4. Documentary Preparation by Viscom Students in Collaboration with the Speech Therapy Dept. of Siva ENT Hospital.

5. Regular Program in FM Radio regarding - Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of Voice Box, Voice Audition, Vocal Cord movement, Correction of Stammering, Stuttering of Voice, Avoidance of Inflammation of Vocal Cord, Vocal Cord Movement Monitoring and Holistic Therapy & Psychological impact on Voice discrepancies.


1. To Develop a basic understanding of the mechanics of Voice and speech production.

2. To Learn the foundations for vocal health and explore the relationship between the voice and physical and emotional health.

3. To examine the differences between good voice use, voice misuse and voice abuse.

4. To identify and learn to compensate for difficult speaking situations, both and off the job.

5. To learn to recognize postural imbalance and to restore more optimal posture, especially is speaking situations.

6. To Recognize specific muscle misuse and relearn easy coordinated use of the vocal system, by exploring how muscle in the breathing system, larynx and vocal tract work together in free and natural voice production.

7. To Work toward a voice that is free and responsive in all speaking situations.


1. Resonant Therapy

2. Confidential Voice

3. Circumalaryngeal Massage

4. Lce Silverman Voice Treatment

5. The Accent Method

6. Vocal Function Exercises

7. Singing Therapy

8. Phonation on Inhalation

9. Reflexive and vegetative behaviors

10. Voice Therapy for Puberphonia

11. Auditory Integration training

12. Speech Therapy with palatrogram

13. Self Relaxation

14. Positive Thinking

15. Self – Hearing

16. Mind – Reading

17. Vision – Speaking

18. Mirror – Practice

19. Auto – Suggestion

20. Teleprompter

21. Shavasana

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