Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Movement formed to counter noise pollution

The Hindu: article dated Jan 28th, 2002
CHENNAI, JAN. 27. Voice Against Noise, a movement to reduce noise pollution was formed today at the 10th Medical Science Conference, with M. Kumaresan, ENT surgeon, as president.
Addressing the conference, he said noise is a silent killer that can cause any problem ranging from abortion, change of the rate of heart beat, impaired vision and slow reaction to events.
Pointing out that finetuning the human skills of audition as the legendary Cleopatra did was a great tool in achieving success in big tasks, he said the excessive generation of noise by various means was impairing even the normal hearing ability.
The report of the general secretary, Paul Oommen, read out by the Exnora International secretary, Ganesan, said the movement will outline an action plan to formulate a vigilant group.
Posters would be brought out in consultation with psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals. It will liaise with the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and other Government organisations, target noise zones and campaign during religious festivals against the use of loudspeakers, highlight the problems to the Central and State Government departments and mobilise public opinion by organising painting, slogan competitions and debates at the school and college level.
The Exnora International president, M. B. Nirmal, said the forum would be utilised to launch a campaign against noise pollution.
The Tamil Nadu Dr. M G R Medical University Vice-Chancellor, M. Anandakannan, said full support will be extended to research activity and publications concerning the issue. The university will also work to include lessons on common medical problems in school text books, he added.
Manimegalai Kannan, a doctor, highlighting the plight of a relative who became deaf due to constant exposure to noise in a factory, said meditation was a means of bringing in the much desired peace that can help fight noise pollution.

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