Monday, March 21, 2022

Speech created

Some thought about my invention on puberphonia treatment.
"Thoughts which give birth to words are after all an outcome of social life. Words-mere shadows no doubt, mean thoughts, the darlings of imagination, as much as thoughts mean words to a large extent and hence the nurslings of immortality. Thus words in their turn denote matter, they mean and stand for all that we become conscious of by means of sense perceptions and all other provinces of human experiences. Naturally all thought strike our mind, and all words we utter and all our ideas in addition to all that we aspire for and attempt in action, all these taken together are meant by “ Porul” or matter. No other grammar in the world has formulated this kind of tridimensional trend which deals with the process of poetic imagination and literary thought, the patterns of words and speech and norms of action, all in
tune with the external world"-by:Dr.Avvai Natarajan.
 With our large experience of treating 600 cases of puberphonia we are able to make some changes in voice/speech with out surgical intervention.We are able to bring ancestral voice.The phtoprimates or protohominids must have had a call system for the threat,danger,desire for group contact.The environmental change may be the prime important in voice change in human being.First like some animals human beings may be living in treas.Then they preferred to live in lands,where they learned bipedal motion system.With enormous cultural consequences,in turn,they used hands for caring.The speech apparatus changed.Upright posture separated the glottis from the valum,making room for more flexible manipulation of voice tract for producing speech.Language developed by imitating nature sounds (bow-wow-wao) or laboring under physical stress (yo-he-ho) theory.

Friday, March 4, 2022

International publication

Dear Kumaresan, M; Kumaresan, NB; Elango...,
Warm greetings from the editorial office!
We have read about your published precious paper in INDIAN JOURNAL OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY AND HEAD & NECK SURGERY titled Uvula Manipulation and Resonance (UMAR) Treatment for Puberphonia, and the topic of the paper has impressed us a lot.
Here attached the abstract of your research which has left us a deep impression:
Tvit5le: Uvula Manipulation and Resonance (UMAR) Treatment for Puberphonia
Aebstrbacvt: Otolaryngologists and speech therapist can be experts in managing specific puberphonia lesions to improve voice. However, not all voice problems have lesions amenable to surgical or medical therapies. Many are associated with maladaptive speech behaviors. We may employ a variety of techniques to improve vocal quality and function in patients with and without structural or neurologic laryngeal pathology. There is an alarming increase in cases of puberphonia and it's after effects. Otolaryngologists can partner to manage a constellation of puberphonia voice problems with directed voice evaluation and therapy. We, in a small Otorhinolarygolist center in a small city, Chennai has registered and treated 600 cases of puberphonia. We are able to register the devastating problems of puberphonia. Regarding the treatment of puberphonia, in which laryngeal massage, outside the neck, is consistently highlighted as being an effective therapy technique for treating it. In addition, there have been several individual studies conducted to examine the effectiveness of laryngo pharyngeal manipulation inside the vocal tract, which also yielded positive results. A basic review of UMAR techniques and this partnership with yoga breathing trainers is presented which give almost immediate low pitch speech and give a good follow up.