Friday, February 28, 2020

Puberphonia Eradication advisor

We give Puberphonia Eradication advisor training.
1.Audio speech training.
That feedback sound is ringing at a specific frequency. While ringing out the speaker(s) through its global equalization (EQ) settings, identify the frequency (i.e. 200 Hertz, etc.) and lower the intensity about 5-10 decibels at a time. That should begin to lower the ringing noise. You would be reducing the amount of sound throw of the speaker in that frequency range. When the throw of audio is heard again through the pickup of the microphone, you have created a feedback loop. The result is the feedback sound.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

30th Medical Science Conference

Dear Maruthuva Friends,

30th Medical Science Conference.
Siva ENT Hospital sponsored program at Savera Hotel.
24.01.2021 Sunday,9 am to 6 pm.,  9841055774
Registration includes-food,conference materials & certificate.Rs.500/.at 5 star atmosphere. 
Registration closes with 200 participants.
We would like to spread your heal care success story through the YouTube Show  in media partnership with PUBERPHONIA.
This show is based on True Success Stories of Entrepreneurs & Leaders.
This is a YouTube Show that exclusively focuses on winning business sagas.Our 30th Marurhuva Arivial Manadu involves a leading entrepreneur/ leader, compiling his business-journey along with his experiences and success mantras.Participation give life to each business story and present the biography, viewpoints and profile of the leaders, so that they remain alive in the hearts of people forever.

Published, Puberphonia article

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Appreciate by foreign Doctor

Dear Dr. Kumaresan Muthiah,

Hope this note finds you well.

It gives us immense pleasure in admiring you for your significant research work in the fields of Otolaryngology.

Your publication entitled “An Immediate And Permanent Cure For Puberphonia” is very informative.It will be a great honor for us to be a part of the exploration of your research to the world and we believe that your contribution will be helpful.


With Best Regards
Michelle Raquel